Aliens are on Earth now and have been here for a long time!?!

My entire life I trusted government officials and scientists who said that people who claim to have been abducted by UFO’s are crazy and/or on drugs, that information spreading about government holding UFO’s is conspiracy theories without any foundation, and I figured that it makes sense that aliens wouldn’t be able to get here from the vast distances in space anyway. In theory, yes, undoubtedly, there are alien civilizations on other planets. In practice, I have believed the general consensus that the distances are too great even for an advanced civilization to overcome.

2017 an article was published by Pulitzer price winning authors in the New York Times about how there are US military personnel with high credibility that have observed UFO’s in 2004; called the tic-tac UFO due to its shape. After this, Pentagon released videos of the tic-tac UFO. Some dismissed the videos of the tic-tac UFO as possibly birds or whatever, but then it turned out that the objects were recorded by radar over a period of 14 days or so. Those in US government with clearance to see top secret material were shown videos and images with more details, and described it as a somewhat shocking experience to watch. These are not home-made videos that someone made to get more money – it’s the US military with radar and thermal cameras etc sensitive instruments to back it up.

US Congress answered to the tic-tac material by creating AARO; an organization that was supposed to uncover the truth about UFO’s and gather material from the entire military. Then they renamed UFO’s (unidentified flying objects) to UAP’s (unidentified anomalous phenomenon) because 1) the objects have been observed both flying in air and moving under water as well as from air to water and 2) they wanted to include dense air or ball lightning or other unusual natural phenomenon in the same description so that all available data would be captured for analysis.

GOP Oversight Committee 2023-07-26

Last week, one of the “checks and balances” in US government – a committee that has top secret clearance and should monitor the activities of government organizations – held a hearing with three witnesses. This is not the first time they had a hearing. Previously, Kirkpatrick (the boss of AARO) has been testifying for this committee on how the work of AARO is progressing and he told them that there is absolutely no evidence that alien craft has ever been on Earth, nor have they been able to find any compelling evidence that UAP’s are alien. Since US Congress created AARO and appointed Kirkpatrick with the aim of uncovering the truth about these recent videos and sightings, it would appear that the explanation of natural phenomenon are more likely after Kirkpatricks testimony – even if we cannot understand how or why such natural phenomenon would occur.

Commander Fravor

Because he was one of the pilots that directly observed with his eyes as well as recording with cameras the tic-tac UAP of 2004, Commander Fravor was an important witness. He could attest that when the USS Nimitz was stationed outside California there were indeed several objects recorded over the sea, going out into space, and interacting with a large object under water. The object under water caused the water to bubble or boil so that the otherwise calm sea was white in a spot. While his testimony didn’t bring anything new forward, it was an important foundation to have a first-hand account with experience of interacting with UAP’s.

Commander Fravor was the only witness from the tic-tac incident, but could testify that they were four pilots in the air observing the tic-tac objects in California and that the radar staff had observed them for two weeks before they sent the planes out to investigate.

Liutenant Ryan Graves

Ryan Graves is responsible for the safety of pilots in the US Air Force. He has seen “fotball field sized” UAP’s first hand, and received shocked pilots when they land after almost colliding with UAP’s. According to his testimony, these UAP’s are almost exclusively black cubes inside of a transparent sphere. In other words, different in appearance from the tic-tac object and with a significantly more defined artificial structure that wouldn’t occur naturally. This is a step up from the tic-tac object just because it is clear that it cannot be explained as a natural phenomenon.

Both Commander Fravor and Liutenant Graves were adamant that there isn’t technology anywhere near these objects in the hands of US military or the military of other countries. In other words; it has to be off-world technology. Aliens.

Liutenant Graves was the only witness about cubes inside clear spheres, but could testify that there are numerous military as well as commercial pilots that have witnessed these objects, that they also show up on radar and other sensitive instruments, and that it is today common occurrence to witness these objects; they are not isolated and rare events. Graves insisted that a framework needs to be developed for reporting and gathering data about UAP’s (which is the purpose of AARO which was created a year ago but apparently they are not doing their job according to Graves).

The UAP observations that Graves is talking about is from when he was stationed in Virginia, which is south of Washington D.C. (the capitol of US). In other words, the opposite side of the US compared with Fravor.

(Former) Intelligence Officer David Grusch

Sitting in the center, but last on my list, was David Grusch. He has top secret clearance, which is beyond my understanding but he has a code 50 whereas the AARO staff only has code 10 so he has a higher clearance and can access more information that the government organization appointed to investigate UAP occurences. Reading up on his background, everyone confirms that he is a person of the highest integrity and utterly trustworthy. As an intelligence officer, his job is to interview people, look at data, and determine the truth of matters at hand. As such, he was part of collecting information for the US President and personally handed over top secret material to the presidents hands. Grusch is basically the most trusted person in the USA and extremely competent in gathering information that has proven time and again to be correct.

One of the things Grusch said was that he informed Kirkpatrick before he started his position as boss of AARO about proof of aliens and who to talk to in order to obtain such proof. In other words; Kirkpatrick lied to Congress under oath and should go to jail (unless, of course, in an unexpected turn of events Grusch decided to throw his life away and lie blatantly to Congress on a matter that can easily be disproven if they follow up on his claims – in which case Grusch should go to jail). He also testified that funds have been misappropriated from government programs to secretly fund alien research and reverse-engineering of alien technology. Stealing government funds in this way is a serious crime, of course, so Grusch kept on presenting information that should put a lot of people on high seats in US military in prison for a long time.

Roswell is a highly controversial event in the 1940’s, when US military claimed to have seized an alien spacecraft which was communicated to reporters and then they abruptly changed their story as having captured a weather balloon. People have been saying since the 1940’s that the weather balloon story was a cover-up of a secret government project to reverse-engineer alien technology to gain either financial gain or military edge. Now, at the time in the 1940’s this could very well have happened. But after CIA activities in the 60’s or 70’s a new law was put in effect that made it illegal to mislead the US population. Government agences in the US can have top secret information, but they are not allowed to lie and mislead. Grusch stated in his testimony that not only has US government agencies had a covert alien reverse-engineering program since at least the 1930’s (before Roswell), which they are continually lying about and stealing funds for from other programs, but that also there is an active initiative to spread disinformation and mislead the US population as well as other countries. Another illegal activity added to the list.

Finally, Grusch stated that the UAP’s are not only lifeless drones, but that “biologics” were found and being kept by the same reverse-engineering efforts. In other words – aliens are here on Earth, not just their technology. Now, Grusch didn’t want to say that they were from another star system, so he kept saying that they are non-human biologics. When asked about this, he said that extra-terrestrial beings have not been proven to be from any particular planet and they might as well be for example from another dimension of space. When further asked about this, he said he couldn’t say anything for sure but there is a theoretical framework to talk about other dimensions such as the holographic theory. This is the only weakness of Grusch’s testimony, because he is not a physicist and doesn’t actually know what he is talking about and the only reason he went into it was due to the questions of the committee, which they really shouldn’t have asked in the first place because Grusch was not there to testify about the possible origins of non-human individuals captured. Obviously, this has since been used to discredit Grusch, saying that he has no idea what he is talking about and taking his answer out of context from the questions that led up to it, which only serves to prove him right actually since he is saying that there is a deliberate effort to discredit and disinform. Not only that, but Grusch claimed people have been killed and threatened if they disclose any information about the hidden UFO/UAP programs.


All my life, I truested government officials and scientists who have been saying that aliens on Earth are impossible. Now we have two highly credible military witnesses, numerous recordings of military grade video and radar, confirming metallic objects in the sky that move beyond anything that is technically possible from a human understanding (but not beyond laws of physics as we know them). So what is the lie and cover-up? Have they been lying since the 1940’s or longer about the non-existence of aliens? Or are they lying now about these testimonies and videos and radar data? I would trust an instrument more than I trust a human, and I have seen the military recordings (what has been released) which makes me suddenly end up in the opposite camp; aliens are here now and have been for a long time.

This is the biggest news story of the century. George Bush ordered the attack on the Twin Towers as an excuse to start a war to get cheaper oil – who cares?! Trump tried a coup and is awaiting trial – who cares?! Nuclear missiles were almost fired several times – who cares?! Hitler was defeated – so what?! Fucking aliens from a different world are here and they have technology that far surpasses us. They can destroy us, or let us live. Any day it may occur that they are not pleased with humans and then all of us are gone. All religions are fradulent – by proof. Nietzsche was right; God is dead! There are news that should cause international turmoil all over the world.

Headlines in Swedish newspapers; nothing. One single article, in Dagens Nyheter, says “Grusch is risking prison by talking about alien technnology”. Not Kirkpatrick; Grusch. The most reliable and trustworthy man in the US is suddenly a liar who should go to jail, according to these reporters. And it’s the same story in other countries. Basically, people are so invested in the lie we have been told that they refuse to accept the truth when it is staring them in the eyes. What???

Bob Lazar

One of the consequences of the information that has now come out is that a lot of nutjobs that were previously dismissed turns out to be reliable witnesses. Well, the jury is still out on that I suppose, but there is definitely reason to examine some testimonies from the past. Bob Lazar is one such character.

Bob claimed in the 1980’s that he worked on a secret government project at Area 51 section 4 where they reverse-engineered alien spacecraft that crashed. There were at least seven craft recovered, and Bob had access to at least two. According to Bob, these were flying saucers – not tic-tacs or spheres with cubes inside but kind of flat upside-down saucers like the old cartoons. Around the sides of the flying saucers, on the inside, were arches and two floors with a “basement”. First floor had the power generator, which according to Lazar works with anti-matter. The basement has three gravity-generators that cause the ship to move by creating a point of gravity that the ship is attracted to. The second floor was off-limits to Lazar but he assumes that the navigational equipment was up there.

Bob Lazar appears to be a credible witness and he has been sticking with his story for 40 years without changing any details, but he has suffered from a lack of evidence and a whole world of disbelief due to the US Army denying any claims. But now that the US government higher ups are changing the story to say that actually there are alien ships in their possession Bob Lazar appears to be telling the truth.

4chan of May 2023

In the spring of 2023 an anonymous person started posting on 4chan about his “knowledge” of UAP’s. Everything he is saying matches with what Bob Lazar has said. Except of course, that he is saying the UFO’s are tic-tac shaped, not disc-shaped saucers like Bob Lazar has been saying for 40 years that he saw at Area 51. He is also saying that the tic-tac UAP’s come from a “mother-ship” under water, similar to how Fravor described the tic-tacs interacting with an object under water. Except of course, that he is saying that this mother-ship is located in the Bermuda triangle on the East coast, not the West coast where Fravor et al had their encounter. He also doesn’t mention any of the cubes-in-spheres that Graves said are all over the East coast.

While this anonymous poster provides a lot of details, and claims he is only willing to come forward due to liver cancer because he will be dead soon anyway, it does not seem to be particularly credible. Being anonymous with a “terminal disease” he will just disappear at any time. The “information” he provides appear to be a puzzle of things picked up from others rather than his own account of events. And so on, if you look into the details of what he says you will see more inconsistencies.

So there are still crackpots out there, spreading disinformation. You cannot trust everything you read. Especially since Grusch is saying that even the government of US is actively engaged in programs to spread disinformation.

But. The big but. Aliens are real. Aliens are here. Aliens are around us just now. From trusted sources and instruments that cannot lie, this appears to be the truth.

What do they want?

For me, the big question that remains is; what do they want? If there are people from another planet here with us, and they have been here for at least 100 years, what do they want?

They are not likely to be hostile, because if they were we would all be dead already.

They do not appear to be friendly or helpful, according to what Grusch has testified.

Neutral? From what many people in militaries all over the world are saying, and have been saying for some time even though no one has been taking them seriously until now, is that these UAP’s are particularly interested in areas of war and conflict, especially where nuclear weapons could come into play. Most of the time they are just observing, but both Russia and US have reported missile silos with nuclear rockets being armed by UAP’s up until launch and then aborted, as if they want to show that they can turn those weapons on or off at will.

Perhaps they are an intergalactic police force, that only acts in cases of extreme danger? Although, we are already in extreme danger due to climate crisis and they didn’t do anything about that – yet.

Shit happens, and then you die. I guess at some point we will find out. Would be nice if it happened in my lifetime. I’m curious.