Stepping out in deeper water

A few examples of the Thai shirts that we intend to sell. All cotton, top quality.

When we were living in Thailand, it was fairly common for people to come up and ask “Where did you buy that wonderful shirt?!”. Consequently, we started talking about becoming a reseller of the shirts. Simple way of making a bit of extra cash. Unfortunately, with a full time job as a teacher, we never felt like we had the time to go for it.

Now that we have arrived in Sweden, we did a budget and saw that we should be able to easily make it work as a side business. I wrote up a business plan, and I have made an appointment to talk to some consultants about the best way to get this off the ground. If it turns out to be a great success, great! If not, we could always keep it as a side business to get some extra vacation money. We really have nothing to lose, and right now we do have the time to do it.

I already started adding a webshop to my home page. We don’t have any products added, but it shouldn’t be too difficult to get something up and running. It will take a while to get products sent over from Thailand though… We need to see about that.

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