I’ve been on Facebook for about 10 years now. Past few years, it’s been on the phone. Yesterday, I removed the app from my phone.

It wasn’t so much because I hate Facebook. I mean, I post on there once or twice per month maybe. Mostly I just use the chat to keep up with my family. But then there is Skype and Line and many other alternatives available, so I just don’t see much of a reason to keep it around.

They say that people who use Facebook a lot get depressed. Honestly, I would rather think it’s the other way around; if you’re depressed you’re filled with apathy and instead of actually doing anything you end up browsing Facebook all day.

I’ve had my share of depression in my life, but I never associated it with Facebook or those social apps. When I’m feeling down I escape into computer games. Poof, suddenly the weekend is over and you didn’t even notice it.

My laptop still has a tab of Facebook open in Firefox, of course. I’m not completely cut off from the world. But I’m not really that interested in checking it out. Usually I just go there to click Like on something Angsana posted to show her support.

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