Hot or cold

Is it better to be too hot, or too cold?

All my life I said that I don’t like the cold. I always said that being too hot is better than being too cold, because when you’re too hot you’re just sweating but when you’re too cold you just die (or at least you get numb and pain at the same time and move slow etc).

Now I have lived for two years in Thailand, where temperatures often rise above 37 degrees. It is impossible to cool off by sweating. If you go outside, you will get hotter, and hotter, and hotter, until you collapse. I don’t understand how Thai people do it, because they don’t even seem to break a sweat despite being overheated. I’m telling you, I spend every moment I can indoors where there is air conditioning. As a tourist to Thailand, I said AC is retarded just use a fan if you’re hot. That may work for a short time, or near the coast where the sea and winds keep things cooler. But inland, where it is like a desert only it rains more often, I could not survive without AC. Even with AC I have heat rashes and various skin infections on a regular basis. The human body is not built for this, at least mine is not.

So give me cold any day. Even -40 degrees, where the air is so cold you can feel the ice crystals forming in your mouth and throat if you breathe too fast, it’s better than 40 degrees warm. In cold weather, all you need to do is put on some more clothes and it’s OK to be outside. In warm weather, what do you do? You just sit indoors like a prison.

Sweden has part of the year around 20-30 degrees warm. It’s not too warm, you can still cool off easily. Some small part of the year is disgustingly cold. Even if that cold would be worse than the heat, which it isn’t, then at least it’s not all year round.

The only way to live near the tropics is if you live near the sea, or if you have the option of a pool where you can dip in to cool off. Neither of which are true for most of Thailand.

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